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News in Brief for April 24, 1995 (access required)

Portrait of Judge Catterall unveiled At an April 18 ceremony at the State Corporation Commission, officers of the Virginia Bar Association and the SCC unveiled a portrait of the late Judge Ralph T. Catterall, a former SCC chairman. The portrait ...

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Review Granted (312282) (access required)

Review Granted provides a brief synopsis of recent cases in which the Virginia Supreme Court has granted petitions for appeal. This feature appears in the last issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly each month. The information provided comes from the successful ...

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NOVA LAW: Hispanic Bar organizes in Arlington (access required)

In Northern Virginia, attorneys are starting a new specialty bar: the Hispanic Bar Association of the Commonwealth of Virginia Inc. Although Hispanic attorneys had talked about forming the bar association in the past, legislative activity involving Hispanics spurred the group ...

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News in Brief for April 17, 1995 (access required)

Lawyer a minute late but a mile off An article in last week’s Virginia Lawyers Weekly on tardy attorneys prompted Richmond lawyer Keith Barker to call with his own story about lawyers missing critical deadlines. Barker got a verdict against ...

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Court-appointed fee cap challenged in Norfolk (access required)

NORFOLK–Criminal-defense lawyers in Virginia have long chafed at the “paltry” fees they get for court appointments to represent poor defendants. Last week, one of them challenged the statutory cap on fees as unconstitutional. Christopher P. Shema launched this ambitious argument ...

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Boy could reside in two households (access required)

A 16-year-old boy who splits time between his two parents’ homes is a member of both households, a Richmond Circuit Judge has ruled. The ruling allows the boy to tap his father’s uninsured motorist coverage for a car accident. His ...

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