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The 5 Ps and the use of emotion in a jury trial (access required)

Jury FEA

Jurors are instructed to put aside their sympathies and decide the case on the evidence and the law, according to their good judgment and common sense. But as we all know, jurors are human beings, and they are not purely ...

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Mishandling escrow money brings 4-year suspension (access required)

A lawyer who allegedly transferred away his responsibility to manage nearly $400,000 in escrowed real estate transaction money has been suspended for four years. The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board imposed the suspension for Rocco J. DeLeonardis Jr. of Reston ...

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One storm, two claims for coverage (access required)

Ice Storm Icy Branch FEA

When an ice storm knocked trees onto the porch of her barn in March of 2013, ClaraBelle Wheeler thought she could handle the matter herself. After inspecting the damage, she paid cash to a couple of “day laborers” to make ...

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The downside of anti-theft tracking software (access required)

Laptop Theft Thief Stolen FEA

Imagine walking into your office one morning and discovering that overnight some of your office equipment had been stolen, in­cluding a laptop. In this scenario, you had installed anti-theft soft­ware on the laptop. Immediate­ly upon realizing the laptop was missing, ...

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Tech check: Not all blogs are created equal (access required)

Blogging Laptop FEA

When done right, a blog can be a living, detailed entity that rep­resents you to the world. When done wrong, a blog can be a chore, an unwelcome expense that produces little return on your effort, or even an ethical ...

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The new interview (access required)

Job Interview FEA

If you’ve been going on job interviews lately, you might have noticed they’re becoming longer and more involved. Businesses have learned the hard way that hiring the wrong people is extremely costly. One study by the Center for American Progress ...

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