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Seven seek seat on high court (access required)


Seven people – four judges, two lawyers in private practice and a law professor – have been seeking bar endorsements for a pending seat on the Supreme Court of Virginia. Justice LeRoy F. Millette Jr. will be retiring from the ...

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Counterfeit purses carry trouble for attorney (access required)


A lawyer whose wife sold knock-off fashion accessories on the Internet ended up defending both a $2 million trademark infringement suit and Virginia State Bar disciplinary charges. The lawsuit – criticized as “legal extortion” in one pleading – cost the ...

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How to win cases and influence damages (access required)

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Virginia had mostly good news this month for lawyers seeking damages in state courts. The court opened doors for disgruntled consumers and removed one possible hurdle for litigants seeking punitive damages. The court also made it ...

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When interviewing, use a defensive hiring strategy (access required)


Employers are well served to develop a strategy for hiring. One strategy may be the “defensive hiring process.” Although the name sounds bad, the strategy itself is sound. Defensive hiring allows the company to identify the most qualified candidates for ...

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Well, well, well: Some new guidance from EEOC (access required)


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on April 20, addressing how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to employer wellness programs that are part of a group health plan. Wellness programs, which are otherwise regulated ...

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