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Posner on prose: writing advice from a federal judge (access required)

Letter Handwriting Pen FEA

Judge Richard Posner, the formi­dable jurist on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, recently pub­lished in the legal journal “Green Bag” a delightfully readable two-part article: “What is Obviously Wrong With the Federal Judicia­ry, Yet Eminently Curable.” Some of ...

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Victim clears suit hurdles, gains $6.5M settlement (access required)

Rear-Ender Car Accident FEA

A case that looked discouraging at first proved worthy of a recent $6.5 million settlement for a man severely injured in an interstate crash. As they kept digging, the victim’s lawyers say they slowly uncovered facts that enhanced the defendant’s ...

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Staff infection: Patient claims medical worker spread illness (access required)

Delivery Room FEA

A new mother can sue an obstetrical practice for allegedly infecting her with streptococcus during treatment by an infected staff member, a Fairfax Circuit Court has ruled. In May 2013, the mother fell ill after her discharge from the hospital. ...

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