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The witness’s 4 magic words: ‘Please rephrase the question’ (access required)


In the futuristic movie “I Robot,” Will Smith’s detective speaks to a computer-generated hologram of the scientist whose death he is investigating. When the detective’s questions veer off from being clear and simple, the hologram intones, “I’m sorry, my responses ...

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Snooping for digital dirt (access required)

Digital spy cr

Divorce lawyers, beware. Tech-savvy clients may be arriving at your office bringing a host of ethical – and even criminal – problems wrapped up with their domestic cases. They may be using cell phone software to illegally gather information, or ...

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Million-Dollar Settlements of 2014 (access required)

Million dollar settlements 2014

In this issue, Virginia Lawyers Weekly presents its annual compilation of million-dollar settlements. The survey, which has been published since 2009, highlights settlements of $1 million or more that were submitted to our editors over the past year. Attorneys reported ...

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