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Lawyer sued for defamation by police detective (access required)


A criminal defense lawyer who reportedly called a police detective’s proposed investigation plan “crazy” now faces a defamation lawsuit filed by the detective. The suit might send lawyers running to their files to see if defamation is covered in their ...

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Beating stress can pay dividends at work, home (access required)


Lawyers, stressed? The job has an inherent amount of conflict – lots of clients, lots of cases, lots of late nights. Their own clients are emotionally charged. The other side is emotionally charged. Judges have a responsibility of moving cases along, ...

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Time’s a wasting – here’s how to change that (access required)


Daily distractions – they kill your productivity and they derail your time management. Interruptions, email, multitasking and a dozen other different distractions cause significant loss of productivity, which translates to lost money. And, the bigger problem is not the distraction ...

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Emergency calls: Legal issue of first responder liability roils the Supreme Court (access required)


The injury claim seems straightforward. Your client was hurt in a motor vehicle accident. The other driver clearly was at fault. The other vehicle has plenty of insurance. So, why is this case not a slam-dunk winner? If the other ...

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Accident victim seeks access to firm’s liability policy (access required)

Phone on seat

The Supreme Court of Virginia has agreed to consider whether a lawyer is on the job and covered by his law firm’s insurance when he’s driving to work with his cellphone ready for work-related calls. The outcome could determine whether ...

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GOP senators balk at short list of judge candidates (access required)


Offered a preordained slate of judges for vacancies on Virginia’s appellate courts, Republican senators Monday objected to a lack of choices and refused to elect any candidates to the high courts. Some senators were disappointed that only five candidates for ...

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