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Judges clash on race factors in traffic stop case (access required)


A case once cited as evidence of Mexican drug cartels fueling U.S. drug trafficking is now provoking conflicting views among appellate judges about racial factors involved in police traffic stops. Three federal appeals court judges split in analyzing the possibility ...

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How to increase odds of client satisfaction post-arbitration (access required)


Full-scale courthouse litigation is pricing itself out of the market of corporate affordability. Except for truly “bet the company” matters, the costs of extensive discovery, dispositive motions, expert reports and challenges, not to mention a full hearing, are becoming prohibitive. ...

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Virginia to launch U.S. Magna Carta observance

King John signing the Magna Carta, England, 1215

The document that inaugurated the concept of constitutional government eight centuries ago will get an international celebration this year, with a grand premiere in Williamsburg this month. A renowned British historian and an authoritative Virginia constitutional law professor will join ...

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Lawyers, start your questions (access required)

Screenshot 2015-01-02 09.50.15

Depositions are such a common part of today’s civil litigation landscape that much of how they are conducted has become routine. That includes the opening “admonishments” to the witness. But every witness and every situation is different. Everything you do ...

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Be careful when replying to obnoxious client messages (access required)


Plenty of businesses are open or on call around the clock. There’s no particular reason that a bookstore or a dry cleaning business needs to be open all night, but a taxi company, or a towing company, or even a ...

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Important Opinions: A recap for January-December 2014 (access required)

Impops art

Virginia Lawyers Weekly presents the compilation of Important Opinions from January to December 2014. You’ll find more than 375 cases from 2014 highlighted. “Important Opinions” show up on the cover of the paper each week and in an online recap. ...

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