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‘The Virginia way’ still works in practice of law (access required)

VTLA member, Julia Cillo, moderated the panel

The ”Virginia way” in politics has taken a beating, but the “Virginia way” of practicing law survives, according to lawyers who regularly square off against each other in court. Civility is the hallmark of the “Virginia way” of law practice, ...

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Cash back: Challenges to traffic-stop seizures can succeed (access required)

Money stack

There’s a growing class of potential clients out there for hungry lawyers: motorists who have had money seized by police who are exercising forfeiture powers. That’s the suggestion of two Virginia lawyers – one a published expert and the other ...

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Law school numbers decline in applicants (access required)


A lot has changed in law practice, and not least is the number of people who want to be lawyers. The demand for legal education may never return to the level law school deans saw a dozen years ago, and ...

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Behind the gates (access required)

Security Gate FEA

A driver gets that sinking feeling when he sees a flashing light in his rearview mirror. Of course, he should pull over. Or maybe not, if the driver is traveling in a Virginia gated community and the officer at the ...

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Turn your bio into a business magnet (access required)


The smart lawyer can turn a bio into a marketing magnet that generates leads, as opposed to a mere resume or a CV, which recite only education and experience. The trick is to turn one of your features into a ...

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