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Supreme Court pushes ‘Hernandez’ envelope (access required)

Supreme Court

In a new decision on a highly charged issue, the Supreme Court of Virginia has taken a broad view of a trial judge’s inherent authority to consider different outcomes for those who plead guilty to criminal charges. The high court ...

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Results are mixed when college police make arrests beyond school boundaries (access required)

Cop overstepping

The client’s tale of woe begins with a traffic stop near a college campus. A driver had too much to drink, or an officer discovered illegal drugs. But wait, the client says. The traffic stop was made by a campus ...

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Count the cost before you choose to wage the war (access required)


When Sun Tzu wrote “The Art of War” in the sixth century B.C., he probably wasn’t thinking about how his advice would apply to employment law litigation in the 21st century, but he might as well have. One of his ...

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No prosecutors left in General Assembly (access required)

Virginia Capitol

As the 2014 General Assembly convenes today for a two-month session, there will not be a single prosecutor among the 40 senators and 100 delegates. It’s the “end of an era,” in the words of one former prosecutor-legislator. For several ...

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Legal writing: Pay attention to the details (access required)

legal writing_453868161

Once we’ve lost those last 10 pounds, cleaned out the garage and written all of our holiday thank-you notes, what will we do with all of our free time? Let’s add one more resolution: to clarify, once and for all, ...

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