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Criminal Law

Convictions Upheld for Fake ‘Stash House’ Robbery Plan (access required)

The 4th Circuit affirms drug, robbery and firearm convictions for three defen­dants arising from their plan to rob a co­caine “stash house,” which did not actual­ly exist but was fabricated by undercover federal agents as part of a sting operation; ...

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Evidence Inadequate for ‘Inventory Search’ Policy (access required)

Although an officer had authority to impound defendant’s vehicle which had stopped in a lane of traffic, the common­wealth introduced no evidence of the local policy on vehicle inventory searches the of­ficer claimed to be implementing, and the presumption that ...

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Miranda Warnings Owed in Hospital Detention (access required)

Although defendant was in a hospital psychiatric unit on a civil detention order, he was under police guard and in custody when police questioned him about his wife’s injuries and hospitalization without giving him Miranda warnings, and the Dinwiddie County ...

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Officer Indicted for Murder Can Exclude Evidence (access required)

In this prosecution of a Portsmouth police officer for first-degree murder of a suspect­ed shoplifter, the Portsmouth Circuit Court says the commonwealth must provide de­fendant with the date, time and location of the offense for which he is charged and ...

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