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Criminal Law

Court Upholds NIT Use in ‘Playpen’ Case (access required)

A defendant under investigation for re­ceipt of child pornography through the Play­pen website, available on the “Tor” network, cannot suppress evidence obtained through the government’s use of a Network Inves­tigative Technique to access his computer, nor is he entitled to ...

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Court Vacates Sentence Enhanced for Prior Crime (access required)

The 4th Circuit vacates a defendant’s en­hanced 60-month sentence for illegal reentry into the U.S. based on the district court’s de­termination that defendant’s 1997 aggravat­ed assault conviction in Texas was a “crime of violence” under the reentry sentencing guideline; the ...

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Marital Privilege May Yield to Crime-Fraud Exception (access required)

In the government’s ongoing investigation of defendant Stacey Pomrenke and her hus­band, a Virginia state court judge, for wit­ness tampering and/or obstruction of justice prior to defendant’s trial on fraud charges, the Abingdon U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge grants a ...

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