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Employment Law

Comments Did Not Create ‘Hostile Environment’ (access required)

A Ford dealership wins summary judgment in this race discrimination suit in which an African-American claims he was subjected to a hostile work environment based on a series of comments referencing plaintiff as looking like a “thug,” having access to ...

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Korean-Born Engineer Fired for Certification Failure (access required)

A Korean-born, naturalized U.S. citizen hired by the Pentagon to analyze structural engineering requirements for military installations, who was terminated when he failed to attain certification despite months of training, loses his suit alleging disparate treatment, hostile work environment and ...

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Denial of Training Seminar States Claim (access required)

An African-American female terminated from her position in the information technology services department at defendant Virginia Housing Development Authority has stated Title VII claims for race and sex discrimination, says a Richmond U.S. District Court. Liberally construing plaintiff’s pro se ...

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Employer Could Change Attendance Policy (access required)

An employer wins summary judgment in plaintiff’s suit alleging age and disability discrimination; the Newport News U.S. District Court says employer proved plaintiff was terminated after she failed to return to work following expiration of her extended leave under the ...

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‘Job Performance’ Evidence Admissible (access required)

A former media relations officer for the Iraq Reconstruction Office who attributes her termination and denial of a transfer to race discrimination cannot exclude all evidence related to job performance; although defendant has not claimed she was terminated for performance ...

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No Harassment Claim for Post-Sale ‘Slap’ (access required)

An employer wins summary judgment in a suit alleging retaliation for plaintiff’s complaint about sexual harassment when her male manager slapped her on the backside after she closed a particularly difficult sale of a resort timeshare; her internal complaint was ...

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