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Court Upholds Child Porn ‘Playpen’ Warrant (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court says the government’s use of a Network Inves­tigative Technique to conduct searches of personal computers after its seizure of “Playpen,” a website that facilitates distribution of child pornography, is a search under the Fourth Amendment, ...

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Delivery Failure Breaches Medical Supply Contract (access required)

In this contract dispute between plaintiff BMK Solutions LLC, a Virgin­ia producer of medical kits certified as a Tactical Combat Casualty Care govern­ment contractor, and defendant BioStat LLC, a Florida LLC and distributor of Medtrade gauze and bandage products made ...

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Billing for Underqualified Employees States FCA Claim (access required)

A plaintiff who worked for defen­dant defense contractor in Iraq under a Worldwide Protective Services contract as a deputy project manager of opera­tions for the Baghdad Embassy Securi­ty Force Project states a False Claims Act claim with allegations that he ...

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Interior Designer Pays Price for Poor Work (access required)

Due to defendant interior design com­pany’s failure to respond to discovery and otherwise defend against plaintiff client’s suit, an Alexandria U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge awards plain­tiff a default judgment in her suit al­leging breach of contract, trespass and violation ...

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