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Domestic Relations – Equitable Distribution – Classification Of Stock Options (access required)

Where wife’s testimony before the commissioner indicated that during her employment and prior to the parties’ separation, she received 800 “vested exercisable stock options” from her company, these options are marital property; however, the 800 options she received after the ...

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Criminal – Multi-Jurisdiction Grand Jury – Consolidated Trial (access required)

A defendant who was charged in three separate indictments issued by a multi-jurisdiction grand jury cannot have his case pending in Stafford County be consolidated with his two cases in the City of Fredericksburg. Although it is apparent that the ...

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Appeals – Writ Tax – Untimely Payment (access required)

Although plaintiff mailed his check for an appeal bond, writ tax and costs in order to appeal a Sept. 9 judgment on Oct. 4, the clerk of the court did not receive the plaintiff’s check until Oct. 19, and because ...

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Commercial – Revocation Of Acceptance – Envelope Printer – Commercial Reasonableness (access required)

A seller’s use of a manufacturer’s specification sheet and a salesman’s representations that its “envelope printer” could print 6 x 9-sized envelopes created an express warranty that the seller breached when the printer would not perform as promised. Despite the ...

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Workers' Comp – Average Weekly Wage – Self-Employment (access required)

In calculating an average weekly wage for claimant, who became self-employed in a refinishing business in 1992, the claimant’s wage should be based on the net taxable income reported by the business for federal income tax purposes, including allowable expenses ...

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Workers' Comp – Injury By Accident – Back Pain – Shoveling Red Clay (access required)

A claimant’s statement that he was shoveling red clay soil into the bed of a pickup truck when he turned to the right and felt an onset of pain, together with medical reports from claimant’s physicians, establish that he suffered ...

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