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Domestic Relations – Jurisdiction – Child Support Reconsideration – Untimely Motion (311363) (access required)

A trial court had no jurisdiction to hear mother’s motion for reconsideration of its order increasing her child support obligation because the mother filed her motion for reconsideration four months after the trial court’s final order. The court’s order on ...

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Unemployment Comp – Ex-Serviceman – Honorable Discharge – Homosexuality (access required)

Although the former military serviceman argues that he was honorably discharged from the Navy because the Navy regards his homosexuality as rendering him unsuitable for military service, the serviceman is not entitled to state unemployment compensation for “inaptitude” under 5 ...

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Insurance – UIM – Stacking – Driver & Passenger Policies (311427) (access required)

Commercial General Power-Of-Attorney – Guarantee Of Personal Debt Where a lawyer who held a general power-of-attorney for his sister exercised that power to secure his own personal debt, the lawyer exceeded his authority under the power-of-attorney, and the court will ...

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Civil Practice – Discovery – Attorney-Client Privilege – Pleadings Waiver (access required)

In this suit alleging fraud by defendant hospital, the court overrules the plaintiff’s objection to discovery based on the attorney-client privilege; the court concludes that the discovery sought by defendants relates to plaintiffs’ knowledge of when their cause of action ...

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Commercial – Taxation – Real Estate Taxes – Lien Validity (access required)

Although the Circuit Court has the power to determine the validity of existing liens against real property in this action filed by the county to collect delinquent taxes on the real property, the court’s authority does not extend to determining ...

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Property – Surety – Notice To Sue Debtor – Insolvent Debtor (access required)

Sureties on a note that was never paid are not entitled to discharge on the note, even though the sureties demanded that the creditor sue the debtor for payment. Plaintiffs are sureties on a note secured by a company. One ...

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