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Workers' Comp – Ordinary Disease – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (access required)

A physician who served as director of a medical center’s Gerontology Institute cannot recover workers’ comp benefits for her “multiple chemical sensitivity” developed after the center employed her in 1992. Claimant spent four hours in her office on the day ...

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Workers' Comp – Slip & Fall – Condition Of Employment (access required)

A woman who was taking a lunch break while sitting on stairs that had no landing or railing, and who fell off the side of the stairs when she arose to allow another person to pass into the employer’s building, ...

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Criminal – Probation Revocation Hearing – Hearing Schedule (access required)

Any failure to provide defendant with a preliminary hearing on the revocation of his suspended sentence is irrelevant because defendant had a full evidentiary hearing prior to revocation of his probation. After defendant was advised in writing of the probation ...

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Workers' Comp – Fall From Ladder – Inconsistent Medical Reports (access required)

Although claimant’s initial medical report referred to a slip in mud at work, rather than the later fall from a ladder that was witnessed by several co-workers, inconsistencies in claimant’s medical reports about the two incidents did not preclude his ...

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Schools – Preliminary Injunction – Discipline – Dismissal (access required)

A private school is temporarily restrained from dismissing a student this academic year for her refusal to retract allegedly false statements the student made about a school employee. Plaintiff is enrolled as a second-year student at defendant school, which is ...

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Criminal – Expungement Of Record – Trespass Arrest – Protective Order (access required)

A man who was arrested in 1993 for trespassing on his ex-wife’s property, in violation of a protective order, but who has committed no further criminal violation, nevertheless is not eligible for expungement of that trespass arrest record under Va. ...

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