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Workers' Comp – Injury By Accident – Inconsistent Testimony (access required)

Although the testimony of claimant’s co-workers was inconsistent on when claimant reported an incident of hurting her knee, and employer’s reports of accident showed different dates and accidents, the commission resolved the inconsistencies in favor of the claimant; and its ...

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Criminal (312726) (access required)

Arson Of Motor Vehicle Eyewitness testimony from a person who observed defendant, his wife and another man with a flare gun near the wife’s car, which she had reported stolen, and testimony from a fire investigator on the origin of ...

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Search & Seizure – Auto Stop – Hanging Outside Car – Apparent Intoxication (access required)

A police officer on patrol in crowded traffic during a holiday weekend had “reasonable suspicion” to stop defendant’s vehicle where defendant “was not wearing a seat-belt and appeared to be intoxicated, [and] had his entire upper torso hanging out of ...

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