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Traffic Offenses – DUI – Federal Enclave (access required)

A driver who was arrested on the George Washington Memorial Parkway was properly adjudicated an habitual offender under Virginia’s Habitual Offender Act and the federal Assimilative Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C. § 13(a), even though prosecution under the pertinent federal law ...

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Criminal – Habeas Corpus – Interrogation – Polygraph Results (access required)

A writ of habeas corpus is reversed because the record does not support the District Court’s conclusion that petitioner’s third confession to murder, given after petitioner’s apparent receipt of his polygraph results, was obtained in violation of Edwards v. Arizona, ...

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Search & Seizure – Warrantless Arrest – Coerced Consent – Scope Of Consent (access required)

Police suspicion that defendant, a Covington businessman and alleged drug dealer, had a weapon, and the police assertion that they did not have time to obtain search or arrest warrants, were not “exigent circumstances” that justified the warrantless arrest of ...

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Civil Rights – Section 8 Housing – Benefits Terminated – Drug Activity – 'Family Member' (access required)

A public housing authority did not violate the constitutional rights of a woman who received “Section 8” housing assistance by terminating her benefits after a legal police search uncovered drugs and drug-related paraphernalia on the premises. Plaintiff argued that the ...

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Civil Rights – Attorney's Fees – Prevailing Party – University Speeches (access required)

A plaintiff who settled his challenge to Virginia Tech’s requirements for speakers not affiliated with the university, thus allowing him an opportunity to preach on campus, is entitled to an award of $5,000 in attorney’s fees and $65 in costs. ...

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Employment Discrimination – Sexual Harassment – Postal Service – Korean Female – Compensatory Damages (access required)

A Korean postal employee who was subjected to ongoing sexual harassment by male co-workers, and whose complaints to postal supervisors failed to bring a prompt and adequate response, is entitled to compensatory damages for pain and suffering of $15,000. The ...

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