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Workers' Comp – Occupational Disease – Sausage Casing Puller (access required)

A packing-plant employee who pulled between 600 and 650 sausage casings a day did not demonstrate that her employment was a proximate cause of her synovitis in her hands; her symptoms did not abate while she was on maternity leave. ...

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Workers' Comp – Injury By Accident – Causation – Trip Over Rope – Back Pain (access required)

Medical evidence does not relate claimant’s current disability due to back pain to her earlier trip over a rope attached to a ladder during her employment with the power company. Claimant’s physician confirmed that her objective neurological findings did not ...

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Workers' Comp – Refusal Of Selective Employment – Surveillance Video (access required)

The commission did not err in accepting the opinion of claimant’s treating orthopedic surgeon, that he could perform the light-duty job he had been offered, and in rejecting the contrary opinions of two other physicians that claimant was totally disabled. ...

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Criminal – Attempted Murder – Firing In Direction Of Victim (access required)

Testimony that defendant fired his gun in the direction of a nightclub security officer who was wounded was sufficient to prove the specific intent required for defendant’s conviction of attempted willful, deliberate and premeditated murder, and his convictions of attempted ...

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