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Criminal (305875) (access required)

Racial Bias In Jury Selection Where the prosecutor used peremptory strikes to remove three African-Americans from the jury panel and stated as his race-neutral reason that he was “primarily looking for younger people,” the trial judge erred in overruling the ...

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Bankruptcy (access required)

Delayed Foreclosure Where plaintiffs own 60 percent of the stock in debtor, which owns a car wash business operated by plaintiffs’ two sons, and plaintiffs are personal guarantors on the bank’s loan to debtor business, the bankruptcy court will temporarily ...

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Workers' Comp (306014) (access required)

Change In Condition Although the two department store managers testified that claimant’s position, which involved stocking, did not require lifting over five pounds, the commission found their testimony incredible, and claimant’s own testimony with regard to the position’s lifting requirement, ...

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