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Civil Rights – Prison Overcrowding – Juvenile Facility – Injunction (access required)

Where the district court issued a preliminary injunction requiring defendant North Carolina juvenile corrections facility to reduce its total inmate population by more than 30 percent of the maximum operating capacity within two months and to increase its staffing in ...

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Jurisdiction – Personal – Cigarette Filter Manufacturer – Contacts With Forum State – Stream Of Commerce (access required)

Where plaintiff, whose husband died of mesothelioma, is suing the Massachusetts manufacturer of the filters used in the cigarettes smoked by the husband and manufactured in plants in New Jersey and Kentucky, the Maryland federal district court lacks personal jurisdiction ...

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Products Liability – Warranty – Negligence – Mechanic – Aerial Lift (access required)

In this products liability suit brought by a rental equipment mechanic whose hand was badly cut by an unshielded cooling fan on an aerial lift used for equipment repair, although defendant manufacturer is entitled to summary judgment on plaintiff’s warranty ...

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Employment Discrimination – Title VII – Retaliation Claim – Newspaper Pressman (access required)

Although plaintiff contends he was demoted as designated “man in charge” at the newspaper pressroom shortly after he rejected the newspaper’s offer of settlement on plaintiff’s state court suit (alleging assault and battery and negligent hiring arising from a newsroom ...

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Bankruptcy – Bad Faith Filing – New Corporation (access required)

Where debtor, a Virginia limited liability corporation, was formed only 20 days prior to filing a voluntary chapter 11 petition and the debtor has no cash, no accounts, no books and no employees, but has listed as its only assets ...

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Negligence – Improper Burial – Statute Of Limitations – Accrual Date (access required)

Although plaintiff contends his claim for damages allegedly resulting from the improper burial of his mother in a vault that was not watertight did not accrue until he had his mother’s body disinterred and discovered that the vault leaked, plaintiff’s ...

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