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Commercial – Requirements Purchase Contract – Plastic Bottles – Ariz. Law (access required)

Although defendant Virginia plant’s requirements contract to purchase plastic bottles for home cleaning products included plaintiff’s version of an “escape clause” which allowed termination of the contract only on its anniversary date, we nonetheless hold that the defendant’s termination of ...

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Criminal – Assault On State Deputy – Federal Jurisdiction (access required)

Where defendant federal prisoner was housed in a local jail pursuant to a contract between federal and state prison authorities, and defendant assaulted a local deputy who was attempting to return defendant to his cell, the federal court had jurisdiction ...

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Criminal – Money Laundering – Conspiracy – Corporate Criminal Liability (access required)

Although defendant company, a subchapter S corporation wholly owned by the individual co-defendant in this money-laundering case, contends that it derived no benefit from the individual defendant’s purchase of certain assets, and that it had gross sales of several million ...

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Labor – Arbitration Award – Grievance – Involuntary Night Shift Assignment (access required)

Although the parties’ collective bargaining agreement allowed the employer to designate a “Leadman” in certain job classifications without regard to seniority, the employer’s designation of a particular employee as “Leadman” did not permit the employer to assign that employee to ...

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Intellectual Property – Patent Owners – Maintenance Fee Payments (access required)

A federal patent regulation is not unlawful because it applies the 1992 Patent Act Amendments, which allow patent owners to revive patents that expire because the owners unintentionally fail to make timely maintenance fee payments, to certain patents that expired ...

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Civil Practice – Discovery Cut-Off – Medical Examination (access required)

Although defendant in this automobile accident personal injury case contends that “ran into difficulty” finding an ophthalmologist who did not have conflicts to examine the plaintiff in this case, defendant has failed to demonstrate excusable neglect that would justify allowance ...

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