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Labor – Federal Employees – Collective Bargaining – NRC – Investigatory Procedures (access required)

The court denies enforcement of a Federal Labor Relations Authority order requiring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to negotiate with the National Treasury Employees Union over four proposals defining employee rights and procedures for investigatory interviews of Commission employees conducted by ...

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Criminal – Sentencing – Obstruction Of Justice – Armed Career Criminal Act – Violent Felony (access required)

Where defendant previously was convicted of obstruction of justice, that conviction qualified as a “violent felony” under the Armed Career Criminal Act, 18 U.S.C. § 924(e), and defendant’s sentence for firearm possession is vacated and his case remanded for resentencing ...

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Civil Rights – Excessive Force – Police Officers – Suspect – Qualified Immunity (access required)

Where defendant deputy sheriff initially began pursuing defendant after he discovered decedent near the convenience store which had just been robbed, reportedly by an armed robber matching decedent’s description, and the deputy pursued decedent into a residential neighborhood, where he ...

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Civil Practice – Discovery – Corporate Acquisition – Business Judgment Rule (access required)

Where plaintiff food company seeks a declaratory judgment that its actions under the Virginia Control Share Acquisition Act and the Virginia Affiliated Transaction Statute, taken to resist an acquisition attempt by Tyson Foods, were constitutional, and that a rights plan ...

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Employment – Health Benefits – Dependent Child (access required)

Where the infant’s natural father stated that he provided the majority of support for the infant, who was hospitalized from the time of her premature birth until her death three months later, but the father did not claim the child ...

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Criminal – Habeas Corpus – Ineffective Assistance (access required)

Although petitioner, who was sentenced to death for capital murder in the commission of robbery, abduction and rape, contends his lawyer was constitutionally ineffective in representing petitioner, the court finds no basis for this habeas claim and his petition is ...

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