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Insurance – Municipal – UM Coverage – Va. Municipal Liability Pool (access required)

A sheriff injured in an accident involving a county car is entitled to only $25,000 in UM coverage from the county’s insurance carrier, the Virginia Municipal Liability Pool, because that entity is not subject to the Virginia UM statute. Although ...

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Workers' Comp – 'Employee' – Prisoner Doing Road Work (access required)

Where the state prisoner was injured while performing road work under a contract between the Department of Corrections and the Department of Transportation, the prisoner had entered into a contract and was an “employee” for the purpose of receiving workers’ ...

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Criminal (308466) (access required)

Disclosure Of Identity Of Confidential Informant Where defendant sought the full name and address of the confidential informant who allegedly had participated in the drug transaction with defendant and an undercover police officer because his testimony could be exculpatory if ...

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Workers' Comp – Arising Out Of – Auto Accident – Traveling Salesman (access required)

Where claimant, who traveled around the state to sell and service wastewater treatment systems, received traumatic brain injuries from a one-car accident which occurred as he was returning to Richmond from Norfolk, these injuries occurred in the course of and ...

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Criminal – Habitual Offender – Alcoholic – No GAL (access required)

Although defendant contends his earlier adjudication as an habitual offender must be set aside because he was an alcoholic and failed to have a guardian ad litem appointed at the time of the proceeding, the trial court did not err ...

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Domestic Relations – Child Custody – Mother's Alleged Perjury (access required)

Although father contends mother committed perjury in the child custody hearing, the trial court did not err in concluding that the father’s allegations, even if true, were immaterial to a custody decision and that the best interests of the child ...

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