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Domestic Relations – Contempt – Child Support Arrearage – Jury Trial (access required)

Although the trial court sentenced defendant father to 12 months in jail for contempt if he did not purge the contempt by paying the arrearage, the trial court’s order did not convert the punishment from civil to criminal, and therefore ...

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Criminal – Rape – Cross-Examination – Bias of Prosecuting Witness (access required)

Where the trial court limited defendant’s cross-examination of the woman who accused him of rape, refusing to allow defendant to inquire into a civil suit between defendant and the woman’s parents or the father’s domination of the woman and potential ...

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Workers' Comp – Refusal Of Selective Employment – Cure – Res Judicata – Back Injury (access required)

Where claimant, who had sustained a compensable injury to her back, cured her unjustified refusal of employment by accepting other employment and entered into a memorandum of agreement with employer regarding benefits, then claimant left that employment due to her ...

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Municipal (access required)

Public Hearing On Bond Issue A petition filed in circuit court by the Economic Development Authority for the validation of lease revenue bonds need not be dismissed because the EDA has not held a public hearing on the bond issue. ...

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Contract – Administrative – Government Contract – Highway Toll System – Injunction (access required)

Where plaintiff is challenging the method by which the Virginia Department of Transportation awarded a contract for construction of an automatic toll collection system, the circuit court grants plaintiff a preliminary injunction to prevent the contractor who won the contract ...

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Property – Subdivision Lots – Restrictive Covenants – Necessary Parties (access required)

Where complainant lot owners are suing another lot owner to enjoin defendant owner from subdividing and selling subdivided portions of the owner’s lot in violation of the subdivision’s restrictive covenants, and the respondents then filed their own cross-bill seeking enforcement ...

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