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Bankruptcy – Avoidable Transfers – Insider Preference – Creditor Insurance Company's Liens (access required)

Where the creditor, an insurance company that had loaned debtor general partnership over $2 million, obtained a default judgment against the partnership and then obtained a writ of fieri facias with which the creditor company seeks to attach cash proceeds ...

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Tort/Negligence – Civil Business Conspiracy – Architectural Contract – Church Construction (access required)

Although the church congregation voted to select plaintiff as the architect for the construction of their new church, the plaintiff nevertheless failed in his burden of showing he reasonably could have expected the church to award him an actual contract ...

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Evidence – Hearsay – Medical Expert – Absent Physician's Diagnosis – FELA (access required)

The trial court erred in this railroad employee’s case under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act in admitting into evidence one physician’s recital of the confirming diagnostic opinion of an absent physician who also had treated the plaintiff. Although Code § ...

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Rehearing Granted (access required)

On Jan. 20, 1994, the Virginia Court of Appeals granted a rehearing en banc in Mister Kleen Maintenance Co. v. Clark (VLW 093-7-805), Record No. 2138-92-4. A digest of the original panel opinion appeared at 8 VLW 758, Dec 20, ...

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