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Employment – ERISA – Retirees' Health Insurance Premiums (access required)

Although plaintiff bank retirees contend that they relied on the bank’s assertion that the bank would pay their lifetime health insurance premiums for them and their dependents, these benefits were not vested “pension” benefits but were “welfare” benefits which the ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support – Equitable Distribution (309629) (access required)

Where the trial court entered a divorce decree on the grounds of separation, the court awarded spousal support to wife with differing amounts of support for different periods, and the court equitably distributed the property, the judgment is affirmed. Husband ...

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Search & Seizure – Driving After HO Order – Changing Drivers Before Roadblock (access required)

Where the trooper became suspicious when he observed defendant stop his vehicle about 200 yards from a roadblock and change drivers, and the officer approached the vehicle and requested defendant to produce a driver’s license, the record supports the trial ...

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Criminal – Larceny – Sentence Enhancement (access required)

Where defendant’s prior conviction order clearly reflects that he was convicted of obtaining money by false pretenses, which is a larceny crime under Va. Code § 18.2-178, and nothing in the orders refers to obtaining a signature by false pretenses, ...

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