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Bankruptcy – Avoidance Of Transfer To Non-Inside Creditor – Insider Guarantor – One-Year Time Period (access required)

Where the debtor is seeking to avoid certain transfers made by debtor to defendant creditor under a lease agreement guaranteed by the debtor’s president, the trustee in bankruptcy has the extended one-year preference period of § 547 to avoid the ...

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Tort/Negligence – Medical Malpractice Review Panel – Panel Chair's Award Of Sanctions – Judicial Review (access required)

Where a circuit judge sitting as chairman of a medical malpractice review panel awarded sanctions against plaintiff after she refused to answer deposition questions because she was “suffering a severe mental episode or mental event,” plaintiff was not entitled to ...

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Property – Trespass – Convenience Store – Gas Pump Lease – Lost Profits (access required)

Where the convenience store owner trespassed against the gasoline concession lessee by entering upon the leased real estate to remove the lessee’s equipment after the convenience store assets were sold, the lessee is not entitled to recover lost profits for ...

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Workers' Comp – Refusal Of Selective Employment – Cure – Discharge For Cause – Forfeiture (access required)

Although claimant failed to report for light-duty employment after her doctor released her for light work, and the employer then discharged claimant for failure to report to work three days in a row without notice, despite claimant having informed the ...

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Criminal – Driving On Suspended License – Leaving Unattended Vehicle (access required)

Where the state trooper discovered an unattended, disabled vehicle in the roadway, and when defendant appeared 15 minutes later he initially admitted driving the car although the trooper discovered defendant’s driver’s license had been suspended, the trooper acted properly in ...

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Domestic Relations – Support Order – Contempt – Arrearage (access required)

Where the trial court’s final order setting husband’s support arrearage is inconsistent, we will amend such order to provide the arrearage to be the lower figure of $9,875; also, we cannot say that the trial judge’s findings supporting the contempt ...

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