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Insurance – Health – Psychiatric Benefits – 'Medically Necessary' Hospital Stay (access required)

Although the insured’s treating psychiatrist testified that he thought it was “unprofessional, almost unethical,” for defendant insurance company’s psychiatrist who only reviewed the insured’s medical records to decide that she was ready to leave the hospital, the insurance company nevertheless ...

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Domestic Relations – PSA – Reconciliation – Revocation (access required)

Where the parties’ property settlement agreement expressly stated that in the event of a reconciliation, the agreement would continue in full force and effect unless revoked by a written agreement, the trial court erred in concluding that after the parties’ ...

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Workers' Comp – Agricultural Exemption – Apple Pickers (access required)

Where the employer indicated that the workers who came to pick apples only came to work for a particular season, and did not have to come to work for a particular length of time, but were free to work as ...

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Criminal – Conspiracy – LSD Distribution (access required)

Although a buyer made several purchases of LSD from defendant, including one purchase of 2,000 hits, and the buyer advanced defendant funds on several occasions and also resold the LSD, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that the buyer and ...

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Domestic Relations – Desertion – Equitable Distribution (access required)

Where the wife left the marital home prior to the filing and service of the bill of complaint for divorce, the chancellor did not err in ratifying the commissioner’s finding that the wife had deserted the marriage. Similarly, we find ...

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Criminal – Juvenile Hearing – Transfer To Circuit Court (access required)

Where the transcript of transfer proceedings in juvenile court to have defendant tried as an adult was not filed with the trial court until two weeks after the court decided to transfer the case to circuit court, the trial court ...

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