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Search & Seizure (access required)

Delay In Executing Warrant Police were justified in entering defendant’s home to secure the premises two and one-half hours after an officer had been advised that drugs were present on the premises and four or five days after the officer ...

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Workers' Comp (311985) (access required)

Reimbursement For Wife’s Nursing Services Although claimant’s wife provided some specialized services necessary to his condition as a respirator-dependent quadriplegic, the commission did not err in denying the wife additional reimbursement and a wage increase from $9 per hour to ...

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Rehearing Granted (312001) (access required)

On May 1, 1995, the Virginia Court of Appeals granted a rehearing en banc in Cotter v. Commonwealth, Record No. 0367-93-2, VLW 094-7-669. A digest of the original panel opinion appeared at 9 VLW 766, Dec. 19, 1994.

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Workers' Comp (312017) (access required)

Permanent Disability Although claimant’s treating physician noted that claimant suffered restricted motion in the left side of his neck, and that he held his right hand in a “most unusual configuration,” claimant has failed to establish that he suffered from ...

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