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Rehearing En Banc (access required)

On Nov. 19, 1993, the Virginia Court of Appeals granted a rehearing en banc in Wynne v. Commonwealth, No. 0035-91-1 (VLW 093-7-630). A digest of the case originally appeared in the Nov. 15, 1993 issue of VLW.

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Rehearings Granted (access required)

On Nov. 17, 1993, the Virginia Court of Appeals granted rehearings en banc in the following cases: Chaine v. Commonwealth, No. 1712-91-1, VLW 093-7-596, originally decided by the panel on Oct. 12, 1993. McCauley v. Commonwealth, No. 0809-92-2, VLW 093-7-561, ...

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Workers' Comp (308548) (access required)

Unauthorized Medical Treatment Where claimant was not referred by his authorized treating physician to any of a number of other physicians from whom he sought treatment from 1982 through 1992, the employer is not liable for payments for medical expenses ...

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