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Criminal – Arson – Sufficiency – Presumption – Possession Of Stolen Property (access required)

Although defendant contends that the commonwealth, in convicting him of arson, relied unduly on his possession of certain stolen property taken from a burned police car, there was sufficient evidence to support defendant’s arson conviction. The commonwealth’s evidence established defendant’s ...

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Criminal – Grand Larceny – Value Of Property – Sufficiency – Reversal (access required)

Where the commonwealth presented at defendant’s trial for grand larceny evidence of the purchase price of a stolen laptop computer and printer and photographs of other stolen items, there was insufficient evidence of the value of the stolen property and ...

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Criminal – DUI – Certificate Of Analysis – Chain Of Custody (access required)

Although the laboratory technician who tested defendant’s blood sample in this DUI case received the sample from a mailroom technician who delivered it to him for testing, the certificate of analysis in which the lab technician attested to his receipt ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support – Wife's New Job (access required)

Although the husband claims evidence indicated the wife was able, through her recently acquired teaching position, to meet her current expenses, the chancellor did not err in awarding wife spousal support of $600 per month, based on the subjective needs ...

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Commercial – Contract – Mechanic's Lien – Civil Practice – Nonsuit (access required)

The tolling provision of the Virginia nonsuit statute does not apply to allow complainants additional time to refile their bills to enforce mechanics’ liens in these two cases. Each memorandum of mechanic’s lien in these two matters was filed in ...

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