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Domestic Relations (310273) (access required)

Lump Sum Spousal Support Where the chancellor awarded wife $2,000 in monthly spousal support, as well as $75,000 in lump sum support, the court disagrees with wife that these awards are insufficient to maintain her in the style to which ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support – One-Year Award – Waste (access required)

Where the trial court awarded wife spousal support for one year and stated that wife should be able to obtain employment within that time period, the court’s limited support award must be vacated. After a court has determined that a ...

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Criminal – Sentencing Standard – Mitigating Evidence (access required)

Where the trial court in sentencing said that its role was to determine whether the jury’s recommended sentence was so excessive that it would “shock the conscience” of the court, and the trial court did not consider mitigating evidence in ...

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Domestic Relations – Paternity – Court Memo Of Proceedings (access required)

Although the juvenile and domestic relations court record included a synopsis of court notes stating that an endorsed order would follow, including, in effect, an acknowledgement of paternity and an amount of monthly child support to be paid by appellant, ...

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Banks & Banking – Attempt To Collect Old Account – Records Retention (access required)

Although plaintiff presented a quarterly statement indicating that on April 1, 1974, he had a savings account with defendant bank in the amount of $17,567, and he also presented three letters he allegedly wrote to the bank over the next ...

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Negligence – Proximate Cause – Fall Of Roofing Material (access required)

Where the evidence indicated that defendant roofing company’s employee left a roll of roofing material on a flat section of the roof at a lateral distance of 18 feet from a point above where the material ultimately fell off the ...

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