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Criminal – Cocaine Possession – Accommodation Instruction – Rastafarians' Use Of Marijuana (access required)

Although defendant presented testimony, which contradicted what he earlier had told the officer who questioned him, that he was transporting the 17 pounds of marijuana discovered in his jeep to New York for use in Rastafarians’ religious ceremonies, defendant nevertheless ...

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Criminal – Search & Seizure – Airport Seizure – Consensual Encounter (access required)

Although defendant contends he was illegally detained in an airport when plain-clothes drug agents questioned him about his arrival from New York City and his travel plans after observing the “unnatural bulge” in the crotch of defendant’s trousers, the conduct ...

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Criminal – Cocaine Possession – Motel Room Guest – Sufficiency – Reversal (access required)

Although police discovered crack cocaine in a toothbrush holder and under a bed when they searched the motel room where defendant was staying with a friend, there nevertheless was insufficient evidence to convict defendant of possession with intent to distribute, ...

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Workers' Comp (308548) (access required)

Unauthorized Medical Treatment Where claimant was not referred by his authorized treating physician to any of a number of other physicians from whom he sought treatment from 1982 through 1992, the employer is not liable for payments for medical expenses ...

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Domestic Relations – Equitable Distribution – Classification Of Municipal Bond – Spousal Support – Reversal (access required)

The trial court erred in refusing to grant wife spousal support where she was 63 years old, unemployed and receiving only $390 per month in social security benefits while husband earned $4,723 per month, and wife suffers from back problems ...

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Corporate – Securities Fraud – Va. Securities Act – Director Liability (access required)

Where defendant investment firm led plaintiff and her deceased husband to believe that the firm would be paying $450,000 for 90 percent of the stock in a fried-chicken franchise restaurant, while plaintiff’s $50,000 would purchase 10 percent of the stock, ...

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