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Bankruptcy – Administrative Claimant – Recovery From Secured Creditor – Debtor's Computer Equipment (access required)

Although the computer-leasing company claimed that because of its continued provision of computer equipment to debtor automobile dealership, the debtor’s principal secured creditor, Ford Motor Credit Company, realized nearly $1 million more from the dealership’s eventual sale as a going ...

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Civil Rights – Equal Protection – All-Male College – VMI (access required)

Where the appellate court, in reviewing the U.S. Justice Department’s challenge to the males-only admissions policy at Virginia Military Institute, remanded the case to the district court to allow the commonwealth to adopt and implement a plan that conforms to ...

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Banks & Banking – Construction Loan – Duty To Inspect – Statute Of Limitations (access required)

Where plaintiff homeowners, who in 1984 obtained a three-way residential construction loan from defendant Resolution Trust Corporation’s predecessor bank, allege damages arising from the bank loan officer’s premature final payment to the contractor without allowing plaintiff owners to discover certain ...

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Landlord/Tenant – Commercial Lease – Notice Of Termination (access required)

Although the parties’ 1987 replacement lease omitted certain language regarding extension of the lease which was present in the parties’ 1978 lease. Parol evidence indicates the parties intended the language to remain. The 1978 lease provided the five-year lease would ...

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