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Workers' Comp – Injury By Accident – Causation – Knee Injury (access required)

Where plaintiff miner described an incident where he was sitting on the mine floor pulling cable and when he arose from the sitting position, he experienced excruciating pain in his left knee, which locked up, claimant’s testimony, corroborated by the ...

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Workers' Comp – Notice Of Accident – Reasonable Excuse – Back Injury (access required)

Where claimant sustained sudden low back pain while lifting a tire and he continued to work for five weeks after the injury, taking only non-prescription pain medication, but as his pain worsened, he notified his supervisor of the earlier incident ...

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Criminal – Sentencing – Mitigating Evidence – Jury Verdict Review (access required)

Although defendant contends the trial court failed to consider mitigating evidence when sentencing him for statutory burglary and abduction, his sentence, which was within the prescribed statutory range, is affirmed. The record reflects that evidence in mitigation of sentence was ...

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Domestic Relations – Termination Of Mother's Parental Rights – Foster Care (access required)

The Alexandria Department of Social Services (DSS) properly terminated the residual parental rights of a mother whose children were in foster care and who had failed to demonstrate her willingness to make the changes necessary for her children’s return. The ...

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Domestic Relations – Child Support Reduction – Income Decline (access required)

Where the father had been involuntarily terminated from his job and was only able to obtain other employment at a significantly lower salary, a material change in circumstances required modification of the father’s spousal and child support obligations totalling $4,800 ...

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Insurance – Policy Coverage – Permission To Use Vehicle (access required)

Where the named insured’s son had his father’s permission to drive a 1988 Corvette, and the son then allowed a friend to drive the Corvette, the court concludes after hearing the mixed evidence at trial that the friend did not ...

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