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No TRO for Employee Poaching Claim (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court denies plaintiff financial services company’s motion for a preliminary injunction against defendant company, with whom plaintiff had a non-disclosure agreement with a non-solicitation clause, based on the departure of two of plaintiff’s employees to work ...

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Plaintiff Seeks Emotional Damages in Hotel Accident (access required)

A Pennsylvania plaintiff suing defendant hotel and contractors for injuries she suffered when a hotel light fixture fell and injured the infant granddaughter plaintiff was holding, physically injuring them both, may continue to seek mental anguish damages resulting from her ...

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Omnibus Statute Does Not Save Airplane Coverage (access required)

In this insurance claim dispute involving plaintiff’s authorization of a non-insured pilot to fly plaintiff’s airplane, which was damaged when it crashed during an air show, the Alexandria U.S. District Court grants the insurance company’s motion for summary judgment; the ...

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Attorney’s Fees Denied in ERISA Suit (access required)

Although defendant retirement plan won dismissal of plaintiff’s ERISA suit against her ex-husband, his current wife and the retirement plan alleging plaintiff was entitled to retirement benefits despite not having a Qualified Domestic Relations Order in place, the Alexandria U.S. ...

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Affirmative Defenses Struck From Answer (access required)

In plaintiff information management company’s suit alleging defendant Dollar General committed patent infringement and tortious interference with a contract by misrepresenting to a third-party printing company that Dollar General had a license to the patent in question, the Norfolk U.S. ...

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