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Personal Injury

Insufficient Causation Proof for Asbestos Claim (access required)

Although plaintiff, a former ship fitter and engineer who suffers from mesothelioma, has shown a genuine issue of material fact as to whether defendant Westinghouse’s arc chutes plaintiff worked around contained asbestos, neither plaintiff’s testimony nor his expert’s reports and ...

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Client Claims Lawyers Missed ‘False Ad’ Defense (access required)

A Charlottesville U.S. District Court dismisses a legal malpractice claim filed by an employee of a surety company that was unsuccessfully defended by defendant lawyers in a government contractor’s suit charging the surety company and plaintiff individually with false advertising ...

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Court Sorts Liability for Tainted Seafood (access required)

In plaintiff customer’s suit alleging that tainted seafood he consumed at Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse in Roanoke triggered his Guillain-Barré syndrome, the Roanoke U.S. District Court grants summary judgment against Sam Rust Seafood Inc. on motions filed by Performance Food Group ...

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