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Personal Injury

Plaintiff’s Experts Approved in Birth Case (access required)

In an infant’s suit alleging defendant physician was negligent in failing to treat a mother’s chorioamnionitis when her membranes ruptured prematurely at 28 weeks in her pregnancy, and failed to timely perform a cesarean delivery, defendants may not exclude plaintiffs’ ...

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Fire Origin Disputed in Plant Explosion Case (access required)

In this products liability and negligence action arising out of an explosion at an automotive ball-bearing plant in Blacksburg, the Roanoke U.S. District Court denies defendants’ second set of motions for summary judgment, filed on remand from the 4th Circuit. ...

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Court Rules on Discovery Dispute (access required)

In this discovery dispute in a medical malpractice case, a Newport News U.S. District Court denies defendant hospital and healthcare association’s motion for sanctions, and encourages both parties to act with civility. Defendants need not respond Supplemental Interrogatory No. 27, ...

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Insufficient Causation Proof for Asbestos Claim (access required)

Although plaintiff, a former ship fitter and engineer who suffers from mesothelioma, has shown a genuine issue of material fact as to whether defendant Westinghouse’s arc chutes plaintiff worked around contained asbestos, neither plaintiff’s testimony nor his expert’s reports and ...

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Client Claims Lawyers Missed ‘False Ad’ Defense (access required)

A Charlottesville U.S. District Court dismisses a legal malpractice claim filed by an employee of a surety company that was unsuccessfully defended by defendant lawyers in a government contractor’s suit charging the surety company and plaintiff individually with false advertising ...

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