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Putting out fires

Living on the Lawn or the Range at the University of Virginia ranks among the highest honors for a U.Va. undergraduate. Many, if not most, of a class’s student leaders will rate a room on the Lawn. In a vacuum, ...

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Head ’em off at the pass(word)

Computer security gurus Sharon Nelson and John Simek have enumerated a number of “Stupid mistakes that lawyers make with technology.” Two of the eight errors they flag involve computer passwords, or, the failure to take precautions when creating or safeguarding ...

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Higher authority

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks of Austin, Texas, made headlines earlier this month, as noted in this space, when he whacked the lawyers in a civil dispute in his court. Because of their behavior, he ordered the two to appear ...

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Tased, but not confused

Back in 2007, Sen. John Kerry was attending a forum at the University of Florida, when a student named Andrew Meyer started asking the former Democratic presidential candidate a number of agitated questions. Why hadn’t President Bush been impeached, he ...

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Lock Mess

It’s September, so law students are back in school, ready to learn lots and start looking for an elusive summer clerkship (2Ls) or an elusive job offer (3Ls). The 1Ls are just trying to survive, and according to Above the ...

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Learning to play well with others

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, who sits in Austin, Texas, is fed up with petulant, childish litigation. So he’s doing something about it. In a case styled Morris v. Coker, he said that three non-parties had “invited” the court to ...

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All in the family

The Ninth Judicial Circuit in Virginia at long last got a new circuit judge earlier this month, when York County J&DR Judge Richard Y. AtLee Jr. got the nod. AtLee was sworn in on Aug. 15 by none other than ...

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Joke of the day

Here’s a good one to start your day (courtesy of my son’s girlfriend): “Past, Present and Future walk into a bar. It was tense…” That boy has good taste.

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