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Your future clients

It’s late August, so here’s a back-to-school item. Every year since 1998, Beloit College in Wisconsin has released the “Beloit College Mindset List.” This list provides a rundown of the cultural touchstones that have shaped the year’s entering freshmen. It ...

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What would Sharon Stone do?

There’s a famous scene in the 1992 thriller “Basic Instinct,” starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. No, not that scene. This exchange takes place a bit before the part where Stone crosses and uncrosses her legs. Stone, a wealthy socialite, ...

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That’s NOT Italian…

Anyone who went to Their Majesties’ Royall College or who otherwise spent much time in Williamsburg knows about Sal’s by Victor, the landmark Italian restaurant at the Williamsburg Shopping Center on Richmond Road. An electrical fire destroyed Sal’s a year ...

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Gold in Northern Virginia

Here’s a nugget, so to speak, that I gathered last weekend on the drive home from Pittsburgh (where my daughter is attending grad school this fall): Did you know that they used to mine gold in Northern Virginia? There’s a ...

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Five days flat

The other shoe has dropped in the case of the Maryland judge who got upset and flattened the tire of the cleaning woman who parked in his parking spot. You may recall the story, reported here back in January: Charles ...

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The Commonwealth defaults

The Commonwealth of Virginia has defaulted on a lawsuit. You read that right. The commonwealth, along with James Madison University, has defaulted on a tortious interference case in New York. We’ll know next week how much it’s going to cost ...

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Legal Destination: Carroll County

In a story last year, I flagged the Carroll County Courthouse as one of the “Legal Destinations” you might visit if you wanted to combine legal history with some R&R. In 1912, the courthouse was the site in the courtroom ...

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News item: Two judges in State College, Pa., have had to retract expungement orders submitted by a lawyer trying to clean up his clients’ records. The initial papers ordered all pertinent agencies to remove traces of charges against two people; ...

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