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No contributory negligence in p.i. case (access required)

A motorcyclist who hit an SUV turning across his lane of travel gets another chance to win damages, after a Virginia Supreme Court majority took issue with a jury instruction on contributory negligence. It takes just a little more than a “scintilla” ...

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Habeas granted on Padilla claim (access required)

Citing Padilla v. Kentucky, the Supreme Court of Virginia affirmed habeas relief from a drug paraphernalia conviction that led to the petitioner’s detention by immigration officials after he served his state sentence. Marlon Borja Barrera initially was charged with marijuana ...

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Court rejects rehearing in Va. Tech cases

The Supreme Court of Virginia has closed the final door to recovery for families of two victims of the Virginia Tech shootings who sued the state rather than accept $100,000 settlements. The court Tuesday denied the families’ petitions for rehearing ...

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