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UIM carrier escapes summary judgment (access required)

An inadvertent notation on bankruptcy petitions may have tripped up a car-crash defendant, but the victim’s underinsured motorist carrier is not bound by the resulting summary judgment, the Supreme Court has ruled. The Nov. 1 decision in Transportation Insur. Co. ...

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Court revives medical malpractice claim (access required)

A medical malpractice survival action arose from the same “cause of action” as a previously nonsuited wrongful death claim, so the statute of limitations does not bar the new lawsuit, the Supreme Court ruled Friday. The decision reverses the trial ...

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Counseling center zoning violation reversed (access required)

A counseling center can provide homeless people with meals, showers and laundry service, the Supreme Court of Virginia says. The non-residential center’s additional services were not illegal “accessory” services under the local zoning ordinance, the court said in a June ...

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