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Search after home invasion OK (access required)

A man who shot back at armed invaders could not suppress drugs found in his home when police executed a search warrant for firearms and ammunition related to the shoot-out. Armed men invaded the apartment Derrick Wilson shared with a ...

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Liability policy not ‘ambiguous” (access required)

A vehicle’s driver was a person “responsible for use” of the vehicle under an auto liability policy, and the carrier could not contest coverage on that point, the Supreme Court of Virginia said. The provision at issue said an “Insured ...

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Writ denied in contract for inheritance (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia has refused to hear an appeal in a case where a daughter overturned her father’s will and stands to inherit nearly $2 million under a 15-year-old contract between her parents for her benefit. A Hanover ...

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Former judge fails to avoid defamation judgment (access required)

Former Newport News Circuit Judge Verbena Askew struck out at the Supreme Court with a two-pronged effort to undo a $350,000 defamation judgment against her. Askew was found liable for telling newspaper reporters a former court staffer had been “institutionalized.” ...

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