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Ten Keys To Owning The Q&A Stage (access required)

“Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.”-Ronald Reagan The grand jury has just indicted the CEO of your firm’s largest client on numerous violations of securities regulations, and the press is salivating for the opportunity ...

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A Lawyer In Afghanistan (access required)

Afghanistan may be one of the last places on Earth one would expect to find a lawyer — simply because there are no laws. A barren wasteland of bombed-out rubble and mud shacks, the former home of the Taliban is ...

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Up & Coming Lawyers (access required)

Young lawyers are often bonded by similar concerns. There is the challenge of balancing the professional demands of their new careers with personal concerns such as families and relationships. There is also a shared relative lack of work experience. After ...

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Internet Defamation (access required)

The World Wide Web is giving local politicians, grass roots activists, and aspiring editorial columnists a new podium from which to espouse their views—a result that can only be good for a democratic society founded upon the principle of free ...

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