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Law-Firm Pay Stable Despite Economic Woes (access required)

Despite the ongoing dot-com bust, a skittish stock market and the events of Sept. 11, hiring at many of Virginia’s largest law firms remains steady. Recruiters at large firms throughout the state say that hiring has proceeded apace, bolstered in ...

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You and Your Practice (access required)

As law firms reach sophisticated levels of website development, strive for comprehensive firm branding and roll out the most creative paid ad campaigns in history, it is important for lawyers and their business development gurus to stay focused on the ...

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Law Schools (access required)

Interview preparation, say law-school career counselors, is critical to landing that big-firm job you’ve been coveting. Smile. Shake hands. Look the interviewer in the eye. Don’t fidget. Ask questions of your own. Soon, however, counselors may have to teach another ...

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Representing A Defendant (access required)

Your client, a real-estate developer, is on the phone, and he sounds apprehensive. Three years ago, the developer bought 100 acres of land on which he intends to build a small housing development. Recently, however, someone faxed him a copy ...

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The Law Practice Of Tomorrow Is Here Today (access required)

BALTIMORE — A blind witness in Virginia Beach refreshes her recollection by reading a scanned Braille document. A Reston attorney uses closed-circuit television to conduct a live direct examination of an expert in London. A lawyer in Bristol presents a ...

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To Wit (access required)

Editor’s Note: September’s here and time for the baseball pennant races to get serious. Except in Seattle, where they started printing playoff tickets in June and where Mariners phenom Ichiro Suzuki (the only guy in the majors to wear his ...

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Law Firm Management (access required)

CLEVELAND — With insurers taking an increasingly hard line on attorney fees over the past decade, those working in the insurance defense field must evaluate whether their practice must be changed to remain profitable and explore possible alternatives, explained a ...

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In Camera (access required)

They don’t make actresses much more adorable than Reese Witherspoon, the human lemon drop who stars as the unlikeliest of law students in the comedy “Legally Blonde.” Like Jean Harlow with an iBook, Witherspoon is such a force of nature ...

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