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The Best Of 2001 (access required)

Few things in life are a lead-pipe cinch, but you can bet the farm, the house, the car and even all this year’s profits on this: Every single top-news list from 2001 will lead with a date — Sept. 11. ...

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Lawyers In The News – 11/26/2001 (access required)

James G. Harrison III has been named president and managing partner of the Richmond-based firm of Marks & Harrison. While continuing his practice, Har-rison will assume management of the firm’s expansion and operations. Founded in 1911, Marks & Harrison specializes ...

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Courts back use of pacts to arbitrate (access required)

Employees who claim a discriminatory discharge are finding fewer chances to go to court, as companies move to take advantage of recent cases forcing employees at all levels to arbitrate their job grievances. Two recent federal cases, one from the ...

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Law-Firm Pay Stable Despite Economic Woes (access required)

Despite the ongoing dot-com bust, a skittish stock market and the events of Sept. 11, hiring at many of Virginia’s largest law firms remains steady. Recruiters at large firms throughout the state say that hiring has proceeded apace, bolstered in ...

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You and Your Practice (access required)

As law firms reach sophisticated levels of website development, strive for comprehensive firm branding and roll out the most creative paid ad campaigns in history, it is important for lawyers and their business development gurus to stay focused on the ...

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Law Schools (access required)

Interview preparation, say law-school career counselors, is critical to landing that big-firm job you’ve been coveting. Smile. Shake hands. Look the interviewer in the eye. Don’t fidget. Ask questions of your own. Soon, however, counselors may have to teach another ...

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