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Online Filing (access required)

Consistent with the state’s reputation as a high-tech leader, several Virginia courts are taking a hard look at technology allowing the electronic filing of case documents. Anticipating the arrival of the virtual courthouse, however, some attorneys and state officials are ...

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Business (access required)

It’s a chilling scenario: You’ve got a big case. The other side makes a settlement offer by e-mail. You forward it on to your client, with a recommendation of how to proceed. She forwards it to her business associates; they ...

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Office Technology (access required)

On many occasions people ask me what I do. Generally, I turn the question around and ask them what do they think. This way I get a better understanding of the perception in the marketplace. The answer I most often ...

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Guest Column (access required)

The first thing I learned on a recent trip to an area home improvement superstore is that, besides thousands of oddly attractive sharp-edged implements of doom, these places have a lot of ladders. This normally would not have bothered me, ...

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ADR (access required)

In alternative dispute resolution cases, instead of waiting until a resolution is near fruition, consider assessing the amount of damages at the onset of discussions. At first thought, this might seem to be a backward approach. But if the parties ...

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A Lawyer's View Of The Case (access required)

(Click here for the related story, “Reflections Of A Juror.”) Tommy Joe Williams’s jury service came in the case of U.S. v. Ellis, tried Nov. 13-20 in the Roanoke division of the U.S. District Court, Western District of Virginia, with ...

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Real Estate (access required)

FALLS CHURCH (AP) — Finding affordable housing in Northern Virginia isn’t easy, so Carlos Jimenez’ family adapted: Up to a dozen family members have crammed into the family’s 988-square-foot home. Many other families, especially immigrant families, have done the same ...

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A Preview of the 2001 General Assembly (access required)

Proposed legislation is starting to accumulate, as the Virginia General Assembly gears up to start its 2001 session on Jan. 10. As of early last week, 2,433 bills — most of them carry-overs from last year — awaited the legislators’ ...

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Medical Malpractice Trial Reports (access required)

Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose Medical Malpractice – Injury to Baby – Shoulder Medical Malpractice – Delay in Diagnosis Medical Malpractice – Loss of Artery Medical Malpractice – Neurological Injury to Baby – Asphyxia Medical Malpractice – Failure to ...

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