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Trial Report No. 94-T308, Workers' Compensation (access required)

Construction Site – Fall From Second Floor – Partial Quadriplegia Type of Action Workers’ compensation Type of Injuries Partial quadriplegia from severed spinal cord at C6/C7 vertebra Name of Case Charles Mathers, Claimant v. Shockey Bros., Employer Court/Case No. Virginia ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T309, Medical Malpractice (access required)

Failure To Recognize Signs Of Infection – Infant – Neurological Damage Type of Action Medical malpractice Type of Injuries The baby suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis, requiring a temporary colostomy, a stroke rendering her severely cognitively and impairment of motor skills. ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T310, Negligence (access required)

Auto Accident – Rear-End Crash – Soft Tissue Injuries Type of Action Automobile accident, rear-end collision Type of Injuries General soft tissue injuries to neck, including migraine headache syndrome Name of Case Delores W. Coppedge v. Eric C. Smith Court/Case ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T301, Negligence (access required)

Auto-Tractor Trailer Accident – Myofascial Pain Syndrome – Knee Injury Type of Action Personal injury, car-tractor trailer collision Type of Injuries Myofascial pain (chronic pain syndrome), right knee injury requiring orthoscopic surgery Name of Case Thiltgen v. Gam-Bal Trucking and ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T290, Medical Malpractice (access required)

Wrongful Death – Failure To Diagnose Cancer Type of Action Medical malpractice, wrongful death from delayed diagnosis of cancer Type of Injuries The 67-year-old decedent died following a six-month delay in diagnosis of retroperitoneal lymphoma (cancer). Name of Case Bernice ...

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