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Trial Report No. 95-T231, Contract (access required)

Breach of Contract – Sale Of HMO – Loss of Commission Type of Action Breach of contract Type of Injuries Loss of future commission on sale of defendants’ HMO plan Name of Case Beden v. Optimum Choice Inc. Court/Case No. ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T234, Negligence (access required)

Auto Accident – Knee Injury Type of Action Automobile accident, knee injury Type of Injuries Aggravated knee injury with additional impairment rating Name of Case Rensch v. Adldoost Court/Case No. Fluvanna County Circuit Court; 94L157 Judge or Jury Jury Name ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T222, Zoning (access required)

Downzoning – Loss of Use of Property Type of Action Action for illegal downzoning Type of Injuries Loss of use of property Name of Case Wellesley Woods Assocs. and Aberthaw Corp. v. City of Newport News Court/Case No. Newport News ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T223, Negligence (access required)

Go-Cart Accident – Fractured Leg Type of Action Negligence Type of Injuries Fractured leg Name of Case Daniels v. Go-Cart Grand Prix Inc. Special Damages Medicals, $16,421.34 Damages Awarded or Settled Settled Amount Structured settlement with current value of $75,000 ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T228, Tort (access required)

Fraud – Conversion – Misrepresentation – Gifts Type of Action Fraud/conversion Type of Injuries Loss of assets Name of Case Butcher v. Jane Doe Court/Case No. U.S. District Court, Eastern District Damages Awarded or Settled Settled Amount Undisclosed Attorney for ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T232, Tort (access required)

Business Conspiracy – Lost Profits – Cable Television Type of Action Business conspiracy; treble damages Type of Injuries Lost profits from interruption of cable television subscription contracts and loss of business expectancies; conversion of cable television distribution equipment Name of ...

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