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Trial Report No. 95-T22, Insurance (access required)

Denial Of Disability Benefits – HIV Positive Type of Action Appeal of denial for disability insurance benefits and supplemental security income Type of Injuries Claimant is HIV positive with a history of severe drug abuse Name of Case Confidential Court/Case ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T26, Employment (access required)

Discrimination – Wrongful Discharge – Epileptic Type of Action Employment discrimination; handicap; suit against U.S. Postal Service by epileptic employee sent home after on-the-job seizure caused by noise of new machine; Postal Service allegedly refused to accommodate employee or to ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T28, Negligence (access required)

Broken Bones – Head Injury Type of Action Personal injury Type of Injuries Severe orthopedic injuries, including multiple fractures; significant closed-head injury Name of Case Page v. Barnes Court/Case No. Campbell Circuit Court Judge or Jury Jury Name of Judge ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T15, Negligence (access required)

Auto-Motorcycle Accident – Foot Injuries Type of Action Motorcycle-automobile collision; suit for personal injuries Type of Injuries Traumatic amputation of left great toe; fractures of second and fifth metatarsal Name of Case Scruggs v. Adduci Special Damages Past medical bills, ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T17, Negligence (access required)

Wrongful Death – Mislabeled Blood – Transfusion Reaction Type of Action Wrongful death Name of Case Farlow v. Sentara Hosps.-Norfolk Court/Case No. Norfolk Circuit Court Damages Awarded or Settled Settled Amount Confidential Attorney for Plaintiff Richard J. Tavss, Norfolk Plaintiff’s ...

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Trial Report No. 95-T9, Negligence (access required)

Auto Accident – Rear-End Crash – Soft Tissue Injuries Type of Action Automobile accident; rear-end collision Type of Injuries General soft tissue injuries to neck and back Name of Case Baker v. Houchens Court/Case No. Charlottesville Circuit Court, No. 5882 ...

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