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Trial Report No. [95-T271] Negligence (access required)

Chemical Spill – Reactive Airways Disfunction Syndrome Type of Action Negligence Type of Injuries Reactive Airways Disfunction Syndrome Name of Case Proctor v. Elrich Group Gen. Contractors Inc. and Potomac Abatement Co. Court/Case No. Arlington County Circuit Court, Law No. ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T324, Medical Malpractice (access required)

Failure To Diagnose – Infant – Retinopathy Of Prematurity – Blindness Type of Action Medical malpractice Type of Injuries Permanent blindness, painful glaucoma Name of Case Confidential Court/Case No. Virginia Beach Circuit Court Damages Awarded or Settled Settled Amount $500,000 ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T325, Contract (access required)

Breach Of Contract – Knee Replacement Type of Action Breach of contract Type of Injuries The plaintiff sued for medical providers’ bills as a result of a double knee replacement in the amount of $59,846 Name of Case Ann H. ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T320, Criminal (access required)

Public Nuisance – Sound & Ricochets From Shooting Range Type of Action Criminal public nuisance Type of Injuries Complaining witnesses sought injunctive relief from alleged excessive sound and from ricochets; complaining witnesses also sought a fine up to $5,000 Name ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T314, Real Property (access required)

Blocked Access To Mining Operations Type of Action Chancery Type of Injuries Irreparable harm Name of Case Koch Carbon Inc. and Fincastle Mining Inc. v. Rufus Viars Court/Case No. Tazewell Circuit Court, Chancery Action No. 332-92 Judge or Jury Judge ...

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Trial Report No. 94-T317, Negligence (access required)

Tractor Trailer-Auto Accident – Neck, Shoulder & Back Injuries Type of Action Automobile accident Type of Injuries Neck, shoulder and upper back Name of Case Michael B. Saddon v. Ernest C. Kellis Jr. & Kenan Transport Co. Court/Case No. Richmond ...

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