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Trial Report No. 93-T60 Insurance (access required)

Breach of Contract – Failure to Provide Indemnification For Fraud Type of Action Breach of contract action Name of Case Liverman, Inc. v. The Continental Insurance Co. and Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Co. t/a The PMA Group Court/Case No. U.S. ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T84 Negligence (access required)

Personal Injuries – Property Damage – Application of Pesticide Type of Action Personal injuries and property damage from negligent application of pesticides to residential dwelling Type of Injuries Activated immune system from exposure to organophosphate pesticides Name of Case James ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T143 Negligence (access required)

Auto Accident – Single Vehicle Crash – Paraplegic Type of Action Civil trial – auto accident Type of Injuries Complete low thoracic paraplegic Name of Case James W. Wilkins v. John Doe Court/Case No. Dinwiddie Circuit Court, No. 92-26 Judge ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T175 Commercial (access required)

Lender Liability – Breach of Fiduciary Duty Type of Action Lender liability – aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty Type of Injuries Plaintiff claimed decrease in value of partnership interest of $1,360,000 plus punitive damages Name of Case ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T195 Negligence (access required)

Auto-Bicycle Accident – Wrist, Neck & Back Injuries Type of Action Negligence: bicycle-auto accident Type of Injuries Fractured wrist, neck and back injuries Name of Case Joseph Jordan II v. Linda Hughbanks McGovern Court/Case No. U.S. District Court for the ...

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Trial Report No. 93-T211 Tort (access required)

Consumer Credit Report – Invasion Of Privacy, Disgrace Type of Action Fair Credit Reporting Act Type of Injuries Invasion of privacy, disgrace, humiliation Name of Case Chaffin v. Franklin Security Systems Inc. Court/Case No. Civil Action No. 4:93CV00029 Damages Awarded ...

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